Sports Management

The firm’s sports management attorneys assist college and professional coaches and administrators by advising them on career moves, helping to maximize potential opportunities in the marketplace.  They also handle all aspects of the coaches’ and administrators’ employment and endorsement agreements.  The firm has chosen not to represent athletes in the negotiation of their professional playing contracts due to actual or potential conflicts of interest in the event the firm were to represent coaches and/or administrators for the team where the athlete plays.

Client Testimonials

Bobby Bowden – Former Head Football Coach, Florida State University

“The reason I have chosen Rick Davis as my lawyer is because he is honest and I can depend on him. He handles all my business affairs. He is accessible and easy to contact. I have never had to question any of his charges. Rick has taken part in many decisions I have been faced with and shows good judgment. My wife and all my coaching sons use him. There is so much swindling and fraud going on nowadays, you need Rick Davis.”

Mike Houston – Head Football Coach, James Madison University

“I began working with Rick Davis in 2012 when I was head coach at Lenoir-Rhyne (Division II) and I felt I needed guidance on contract negotiations and decisions regarding the path of my career.  Rick has worked closely with me ever since to represent me in a manner that reflects my intentions and best interest.  He has the ability to work with employers on all matters regarding contractual agreements and use his experience and wisdom to reach agreements without stressing relationships.  My wife and I trust Rick not only regarding contractual matters but also with giving us honest guidance with what is best for our family as career opportunities arise.  Rick Davis is someone we can trust completely to always do what is right and have our best interests in mind.”

Sylvester Croom -Former Head Football Coach, Mississippi State University

“I’ve known Rick since our freshman year at Alabama – he and I were voted co-captains by our teammates our senior year. I trusted him back then as a teammate and I’ve trusted him as an advisor at every stage of my coaching career – as an assistant and head coach in college and as an assistant coach in the NFL. He’s been an honest, skilled and respected negotiator and has also provided objective career advice while consistently looking out for my best interests, both personally and professionally.”

Chan Gailey – Former Head Football Coach, Buffalo Bills, Georgia Tech and Dallas Cowboys

“I first called Rick for advice back in the early ’90s when we were both in Birmingham and I was head coach in the World League and at Samford University. He’s been with me at every stop since then. He understands the on-the-field part of what a coach does because he played the game at Alabama and in the NFL. I also trust his extensive knowledge of the business environment that makes up college and professional football. And to top it all off, he’s honest.”