Pre-Litigation Dispute Resolution

Many clients appreciate the opportunity to engage in a confidential mediation process as a way to resolve difficult disputes quickly and avoid costly litigation. The firm’s attorneys who are specially trained in pre-litigation dispute resolution are engaged to serve as mediators in disputes before a lawsuit is filed. This service is ideal for addressing:

  • Threatened lawsuits relating to employment issues, customer complaints, or business contracts
  • Disputes where a lawsuit has not been threatened, but the potential for a lawsuit exists
  • Internal business disputes, including conflicts between related corporate entities

Pre-litigation dispute resolution is always available on a case-by-case basis, but some companies and non-profit organizations choose to require the use of these processes by incorporating them into their agreements and employee manuals. While pre-dispute arbitration agreements are fairly common, most agreements and employee manuals do not mandate the use of non-binding dispute resolution processes like negotiation and mediation. The firm has sample contractual clauses and employee manual language available upon request.