Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law, Trademark Law

Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law, Trademark Law

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Wallace Jordan attorneys practicing in the intellectual property area counsel clients on the protection of the client’s intellectual property. Often, advice is needed at the time an invention or discovery is made or an idea is refined. Clients potentially have several strategies that may be employed to protect intellectual property. Early consultation with counsel is encouraged to maximize the protection afforded to the intellectual property.

Intellectual property may be secured through registration of a copyright, patent, or trademark. Likewise, proprietary business information, business plans, formulas, strategies, and discoveries may best be protected through treatment as a “trade secret.”

Intellectual property lawyers often work with litigators to pursue actions against those who misappropriate trade secrets or infringe on copyrights, patents or trademarks. These infringements, as well as other unlawful acts, are grouped under the category of “unfair trade practices.” Wallace Jordan intellectual property lawyers are experienced in evaluating a client’s situation to determine whether unfair trade practices need to be addressed.

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